Justice for Trayvon Martin! Sunday, 4pm, Powell and Market in SF

Justice for Trayvon Martin!
People say George Zimmerman is guilty!

Protest Sun. July 14, 4pm

Powell and Market Sts., SF

Trayvon Martin demo, SF
Trayvon Martin demo, SF Trayvon Martin demo, SF Trayvon Martin demo, SF

In response to the Zimmerman acquittal, the ANSWER Coalition, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and over 450 people immediately took to the streets. In San Francisco, we picketed at 24th and Mission St. before marching to 16th and Mission St., up to Valencia St. and back to 24th and Mission. The march grew and grew, eventually taking the entire street from sidewalk to sidewalk, as the community came out of their homes and stores to stand for justice for Trayvon Martin. 

Join us tomorrow, Sunday, July 14, at 4pm at Powell and Market in San Francisco for a rally and march demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, jail George Zimmerman.  People will also gather to protest at Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland at 4pm. 

On Saturday, July 13, George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in a second-degree murder trial. Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a young Black man, in cold blood on the streets of Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012. After killing Martin, Zimmerman roamed free for 44 days before the angry response of millions of people forced the state to take action.

The sequestered jury of six women, all white except for one, came back with a not guilty verdict after only two days of deliberations. The verdict is a travesty, a continuation of the complicity of the racist, so-called criminal justice system that refused to treat the murder as a crime and has now left a vigilante free to roam the streets. The system of racist brutality carried out against poor people and people of color in communities from Florida to New York to California to Texas and elsewhere is on the offensive.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman means there will be more George Zimmermans. They have encouraged the growth of racist vigilante attacks on Black people. This is a pattern of racist violence that  allows the cops to get away with murders like those of Oscar Grant, Alan Blueford and Manuel Diaz and countless others.


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