Live Stream: Statewide March Against Police Brutality

Live Stream: Statewide March Against Police Brutality

Since the racist acquittal of George Zimmerman on July 13 for the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, people have taken to the streets every day all over the country to protest this outrage. This injustice did not begin now -- it is worth remembering that police did not arrest Zimmerman for 44 days, and did so only under the pressure of mass protests nationwide. The courts and police work hand in hand in carrying out the systemic oppression against Black and Latino communities, guaranteeing impunity for the perpetrators of racist violence. The whole system is guilty.

Now is the time to build a movement against systemic racism and brutality. The families of nearly 30 victims of police brutality are leading a Statewide Mass March in California on Sunday, July 21 in Anaheim. Tune in on this page to watch a live stream of this movement for justice on Sunday, July 21 at 1pm.

Streaming will begin on Sunday, July 21 at around 1pm.

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