Video from August 1 Lyrical Revolt - ¡Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

The ANSWER Coalition holds Lyrical Revolt events the first Saturday of every other month. This is an open mic political-artistic space for the community to share their voices through spoken word or song. Join us as we use the power of our words and art to battle the injustices that face the world today.

Our August 1 Lyrical Revolt was dedicated to the residents of the Mission fighting gentrification and racist police brutality and in solidarity with revolutionary Cuba which has been working for 62 years for a society based on people’s needs not profit.

Watch a short video from the Aug. 1 Lyrical Revolt. 

Contact our office or come by to find out how you can get involved in future Lyrical Revolt events or to join our Volunteer Training Program. 

ANSWER Coalition Office, 2969 Mission St. at 26th St., SF
415-821-6545 or [email protected] 


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