Mass Demonstration at the Capitol! Tell Congress: Vote 'No War on Syria!'

"Shock and Awe" U.S. bombing of Iraq

Time is of the essence. We have been in the streets all over the country. The opposition to a new war is everywhere. This forced the administration to step back from imminent bombings.

But the danger also exists for an even larger war against Syria as Obama seeks to make a deal with right-wing hawks like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others.

Now is the time for the people to step up pressure on Congress and demand that they vote NO to any resolution authorizing a military attack on Syria.

On Saturday, September 7, people are descending on Congress for a major demonstration as Congress returns to Washington, D.C., and prepares to vote with parallel protests in West Coast cities. This demonstration is initiated by a broad ad hoc coalition called the Vote No War Against Syria Coalition. If you or your organization would like to be an endorser of the Sept. 7 demonstration, email [email protected].

Those who can will stay over in Washington for daily demonstrations, and to maintain a round-the-clock visible anti-war presence at the U.S. Capitol building beginning Saturday, September 7 and continuing daily as Congress meets to take up and vote on the resolution.

Send an email letter right now to your elected representatives in Congress and the Senate, demanding that they vote NO on the Syria war resolution.

People around the country are organizing demonstrations this week at local Congressional offices in the representatives’ home districts to tell them to vote NO.

The ANSWER coalition has organized demonstrations and rallies all over the country for the past 10 days – including the demonstration in front of the White House that echoed into the Rose Garden as President Obama spoke Aug. 31.

Expenses to carry out these protests are significant and we need you to give as much as you can to help with the work right now.

The voice of the anti-war movement is being heard and the people’s movement is playing a critical role in the worldwide opposition to the threatened US war on Syria. Please help amplify this message right now with you generous donation to the anti-war movement.

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