Morgantown May Day 2017: Refuse! Resist! Reclaim!

May 01, 2017 at 6:00pm - 8pm

Join the ANSWER coalition in Morgantown, WV to celebrate May Day 2017 and gather to demonstrate solidarity with all working people of the world.

The first official celebration of May Day as International Workers Day took place in 1886, and raised the demands of an 8-hour workday, the general demands of the working class, and for world peace. 

This year we gather to raise our voice against the endless warfare, rising anti-immigrant rhetoric, and growing attacks on working people that are being waged by the Trump administration and those surrounding it.

We say its time to refuse the violent, racist rhetoric of the Trump administration! Its time to resist the war machine and attacks on working people across the world! Its time to reclaim May Day as a day of world solidarity for all working people!

This event will include a rally, speeches, and a march. Following this, a free screening of the film "Matewan" with food and refreshments will follow at a private residence for interested parties.

Jack Taylor Trevor Hager Xzander Stephens Travis Boothe

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