Mumia's rare day in court

free_munia.jpgThe following statement was originally circulated by The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home

Dear Friends:

We have a rare, one-time opportunity to get Mumia the medical attention he desperately needs. Please join us in and outside of the court in Scranton, PA on Friday, December 18. A bus and caravans are leaving from New York and Philadelphia.

US Federal District Court Judge Robert Mariani will conduct am extensive public hearing on Mumia's medical crisis and he has asked for a testimony from Mumia. Credit for this victory is due in no small part to the public outcry.

Our attorneys and the attorneys of Department of Corrections will present arguments.

Our attorneys will argue that Mumia has the right to immediate life-saving treatment for his chronic and active Hepatitis C.  

The other side will insist that treatment be withheld until the final stages of the condition. In other words, until it's too late to save him.

A legal victory in Mumia's case will also be a victory for the other 10,000 PA prisoners afflicted by Hep C who have filed a class action suit.

Bus and caravans will leave from New York on
Fri, December 18 at 5:45AM sharp 

To secure a spot and for tickets, please email us immediately with your name and contact info at [email protected] 

We will be leaving from Local 1199, 310 West 43rd street and will remain in Scranton until the court hearing has ended for the day, probably at 4 or 5 o'clock.

Court location:

William J. Nealon Federal Building
235 N. Washington Avenue
 Scranton, PA 18503

When: Fri, Dec. 18, 2015

Caravan Leaving From NY: 5:45AM

Email us: [email protected]

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