National Mobilization Saturday May 18 at the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C.

Saturday, May 18 at 12:00 p.m.
Venezuelan Embassy (1099 30th St. NW)
Washington, D.C. 


UPDATE: In violation of international and U.S. law, police invaded the Venezuelan Embassy and arrested the Embassy Protection Collective members who were inside. The four are now in police custody. Join us to protest the unprecedented illegal U.S. seizure of the embassy of another sovereign state, and to demand: “U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!”

The Embassy Protection Collective is calling on all peace and social justice organizations and people from all over the United States to join together Saturday, May 18, for a massive mobilization in Washington D.C. at the Venezuelan Embassy.

Right-wing and fascist thugs laid siege to the Venezuelan Embassy for weeks. The electricity was cut off. The water was cut off and people attempting to bring food were violently attacked and arrested. The Secret Service and the D.C. Police Department, under orders of the Trump Administration, facilitated this situation in the heart of Washington D.C. at a diplomatic compound that is protected by the Vienna Convention. Unable to break the will of the Embassy Protectors, or starve them out, they finally went in and illegally arrested them.

All over the country people voiced their opposition to Trump Administration's lawless attempt to seize Venezuela's Embassy.

Peace activists resided inside the Venezuelan Embassy since mid-April to protect it from takeover by the Trump Administration as part of the U.S. orchestrated coup. They were lawfully present as the invited guests of the owner of the building -- the Venezuelan government. The Embassy Protection Collective was formed by activists from groups including Popular Resistance, the ANSWER Coalition, Code Pink and others. 

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