New Year's messages from the Cuban Five



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To the friends who share our happiness

We have lived very intense days since last December 17. There are not enough hours in the day to respond to so many messages we've received by different means, and very soon, with Gema's arrival, it could be we will have even less time to communicate with you. But you should know that there has not been one day that we have not thought of you all, who today are also enjoying this victory, by the return of the Five to our Homeland.

Each and every one of your efforts of solidarity contributed to make this triumph possible. For more than 16 years we Five dreamed of this happiness that we are now living. You all struggled to make it possible. And today, with each display of love that we receive from our people, our gratitude multiplies toward the sisters and brothers who supported us for so long.

On behalf of the Five and our families, we wish you a happy and very successful 2015, and we send you greetings for the 56th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

A strong embrace,
Adriana, Gerardo (and Gema).

Photo: Bill Hackwell

tonymirta2.jpgWe wish you all much happiness in the New Year with good health, success in your plans and love.

Infinite thanks for all the help given during all these years that passed, you all were our comfort and our support in feeling we were not alone. When 12:00 arrives on the 31rd, we will toast to all those friends who accompanied us and made possible the return of our Five brothers. This year's end will sing, dance and laugh with much joy for the union of our families and for the new goals that we will pursue here on out.

We love you all.

The Guerrero family

Long Live the 57th Anniversary of the Revolution!

reneolgafivefingers.jpgUnderneath this photograph many friends who visited us made it theirs, while we fought for the freedom of our brothers who were still imprisoned. It was also our struggle, to become fully free. Today I can say that this complete freedom accompanies me as I sit here with Olguita to give testimony of this moment.

It was more than 13 years ago that Fidel said: "I only have one thing to say to you: They will return!" That sentence was a call to all to take on the task of bringing the Five home to Cuba. Today that call became reality, but it has been thanks to the struggle of all of you, who knew how to convert the words of Fidel into a movement, in energy and living matter.

We thank you for having accompanied us all these years. For not having faltering in the demand that this justice be rectified. For having multiplied the voices that joined our cause until the empire could no longer continue keeping the Five in prison. This is our happiness, of everyone, but it the victory of you all.

We owe you our gratitude, and our commitment to always be deserving of the love and affection with which you took up Fidel's call.

Embraces to everyone from my family, on behalf of the families of the Five.

Thank you for returning this happiness to us.

With all our affection,

René y Olguita

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