No war on Iran! U.S. threats reach new level of intensity

iran_demo.jpgThe Trump administration is actively considering carrying out a military strike of an unknown magnitude against Iran. This is an outrage that threatens to engulf the Iranian people and potentially the Middle East as a whole in a disastrous military conflict.

The ANSWER Coalition is committed to mobilizing people in the United States to stand up and say NO to war and all other forms of aggression against Iran.

Last night, the U.S. war machine was on the brink of launching just such an attack, as Trump himself has now confirmed. Jets were in the air and ships carrying advanced missiles were in position when the operation was called off at the last minute. There is clearly an intense internal struggle in the administration and the ruling elite as a whole over how to proceed. 

War hawks in the U.S. government have prepared public opinion for such a hostile act by making highly dubious claims about Iranian responsibility for explosions that have taken place on several commercial vessels in recent weeks in and around the economically vital waterways of the Persian Gulf. The Pentagon claims that its spy drone was shot down in international airspace when it was hit by Iranian air defenses on June 20, but Iran says that the drone was invading its airspace and has vowed to prove their case at the United Nations. Regardless, the United States has made it clear through decades of aggression that it is motivated by a desire for regime change in Iran — any military clash will ultimately be caused by the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign aimed at the destruction of Iran as a sovereign nation.

If a military strike does not come to pass, then there will still be an urgent need to struggle against U.S. economic warfare against Iran. Comprehensive sanctions are aimed at making life unbearable for ordinary Iranians and causing a complete breakdown in normal life. In typical imperial fashion, the United States has proclaimed that no country in the world is permitted to purchase Iranian oil.

Even if the Trump administration carries out an attack that it hopes will be of a “limited” character, there is no telling how rapidly the situation will escalate. There are thousands of U.S. troops stationed across the Middle East that are easily within reach of the Iranian armed forces, which would have no choice but to respond to military aggression against their country. While the war makers in the Pentagon and the White House plot their next moves, the people’s voice must be heard loud and clear: No war on Iran! No to sanctions!

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