Notorious anti-Cuba terrorist Luis Posada Carriles dies, evading justice after years of being shielded from prosecution

From the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Protest at Posada Carriles’ extradition hearing in El Paso in 2006 organized by the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

Notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles has died, evading justice after years of being shielded by the notorious terrorist government of the United States from prosecution for his crimes.

The ANSWER Coalition joined many progressive organizations in demanding the extradition of Posada Carriles to Venezuela, organizing protests, press conferences, letter-writing campaigns and more.

Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator of the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee, reacted to Posada Carriles' death saying: "Our sympathies to the Cuban people, to the family members of the victims of the Cubana 455 airliner bombing engineered by terrorist Posada Carriles, all the victims of his CIA-sponsored terror: Fabio di Celmo's family, the families in Venezuela whose loved ones were tortured and assassinated by Posada, the list goes on and on. And the U.S. refused to extradite him in 2005 or try him in the U.S. as they were bound by international law to do, because he was THEIR agent, their creation. The blood of Posada's victims is on the hands of U.S. government officials, all the way from the White House to the CIA."

Coverage (in Spanish) from Cubadebate

For additional background information, read this interview with Gloria La Riva for Venezuela Analysis.

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