November 4 Coalition Statement

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The November 4th Coalition organized the largest demonstration in US history in support of the Palestinian people and with the clear demands for an immediate ceasefire, the lifting of the siege on Gaza, and an end to all US funding of Israel. An independent expert in crowd sizes conducted a careful analysis of the video footage and concluded that there were more than 500,000 people filling the streets of Washington, D.C. 

This massive undertaking was organized in only 16 days. The anchoring partner organizations within the coalition worked together night and day, and with a high degree of unity, to make this historic event possible. Together, we assumed and shared responsibility for reaching communities around the country and paying the enormous expenses associated with a massive mobilization for the buses, sound, stage, jumbotron, porta johns, and other logistical costs. With the support of many people and on-the-ground fundraising efforts conducted that day, we were able to cover all expenses. We also want to thank the hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers who came together to make this happen. 

This march marked a new era of the struggle for Palestinian liberation in the United States. It demonstrated the broad, diverse, and popular support for the Palestinian cause, forever demolishing the myth that the US government speaks for the people with its unconditional support for Israel. The movement has only grown stronger and broader in the weeks since then, and the momentum has only intensified. We are filled with hope for a liberated Palestine in the near future.

Statement issued by: Palestinian Youth Movement, U.S. Palestinian Community Network, ANSWER Coalition, The People's Forum, Al-Awda, American Muslim Alliance, U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, National Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestinian Feminist Collective, Palestinian American Community Center.

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