Nov 4: West Coast Mass March for Palestine

Graphic detailing time, date and location of San Francisco Rally for Palestine. Details in the email.

Join thousands of protesters from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, and elsewhere as we gather this Saturday at 1pm at the San Francisco Civic Center as part of an International Day of Solidarity with Palestine! This West Coast action will take place as tens of thousands of people converge in Washington D.C. for a truly historic national march to demand no more U.S. aid to Israel and an immediate end to the genocidal siege on Gaza. We are poised to see the largest U.S. anti-war protests in this country in 20 years, and the largest demonstrations in support of Palestine in U.S. history.

Sponsors: Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM); Arab Resources and Organizing Center (AROC); U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN)
Act Not to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER); Al-Awda; NorCal Sabeel; Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL); California Coalition for Worker Power (CCWP); Oakland Education Association (OEA); Queers Undermining Israeli Terror (QUIT); Teaching Palestine; Art Focus; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN); Workers World Party (WWP); Jewish Voices for Peace Bay Area (JVP); Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); Union of Palestinian American Women (UPAW)

The Israeli government has announced a transition into the "second phase" of their brutal campaign in Palestine. Just two days ago, Netanyahu delivered a speech, emphasizing that he is waging "humanity’s war against the barbarians" and committing to a prolonged offensive. Thousands of Palestinians continue to be killed as Israel launches a ground invasion into Gaza and Netanyahu rejects all calls for a ceasefire.

Bombs and missiles, paid for with U.S. tax dollars, are targeting hospitals where thousands are sheltered, bakeries, and schools. All telecommunications from Gaza were cut for nearly 40 hours, making it more difficult than ever for the world to witness these atrocities. Israeli violence in the West Bank is also mounting, with settler attacks and raids leaving several Palestinians dead or wounded.

But the Palestinian resistance in Gaza lives on, as does the global solidarity movement! San Francisco has already seen massive numbers of protestors, growing rapidly over the past weeks and hitting up to 25,000 people at last Saturday’s demonstration. Join us on November 4th to make this the biggest demonstration yet.

Please make an urgently needed donation to support solidarity work with Palestine in this pivotal moment


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