NYPD Attacks Peaceful Rally in Support of Palestine


January 20, 2024, New York City -  We condemn the NYPD’s targeted arrest of more than 10 protest leaders who were demonstrating in Manhattan in solidarity with the people of Gaza. These arrests blatantly violate Constitutional rights to free speech and assembly, and are political in nature. One protester in a car caravan was pulled out of his vehicle and arrested, and his car was taken. The political nature of this crackdown is evident in the police’s selective enforcement — all across the city people use amplified sound and assemble but are undisturbed when it’s for commercial, religious and other purposes. But when people peacefully rally, as is their right under the First Amendment, they are treated as criminals. 

For 100+ days of this genocide, protesters have been rallying on an emergency basis, and have been frequently met with an extreme police presence and violence. But we won’t be intimidated. Nothing can deter us from continuing to protest, shining a light on the US role in this genocide, and demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Corporate-controlled and right-wing media have been calling for city authorities to crack down on this powerful, large and intensifying movement. If the police and the mayor thought they could shut down this protest, or think they can make this movement go away, they are already being proven wrong. 

Release them and drop the charges! Stay in the streets for Palestine! 

Statement signed: 

Palestinian Youth Movement
The People’s Forum
Party for Socialism & Liberation
ANSWER Coalition
National Students for Justice in Palestine
Al-Awda NY

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