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We really need your help to sustain the critical work carried out by the ANSWER Coalition.

This is crucial work, carried out consistently for the past 12 years, in support of the Palestinian people, in opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, mobilizing against the bombing of Libya and the planned bombing of Syria, for justice for Cuba, for a Peace Treaty to finally end the Korean War, and in opposition to racial and religious profiling that has targeted Muslim communities throughout the country.

We have many new challenges and new opportunities. Can you please make an urgently needed donation to help?

During the recent Syria crisis we mobilized scores of streets demonstrations all around the country, helped send tens of thousands of letters to Congress and received widespread media attention to the vast opposition to another war.

The seemingly imminent launching of a new, wider war was stopped based on national and global opposition from the people. Instead of a wider, catastrophic war there is now momentum for a possible shift in the U.S. government's orientation towards both Syria and Iran.
We can never underestimate the power, or potential power, of the grassroots opposition.

During the next six weeks, ANSWER Coalition organizers and volunteers are carrying out an intense end-of-the-year fundraising drive so that this unique national anti-war movement can carry out all of its work during the coming year.

We are calling and writing our friends and supporters, and asking them to donate right now. The dedication of ANSWER volunteers and organizers is second to none. It is inspiring to see so many people, of all generations, give of their time so selflessly.

I am writing to ask you to show your support right now either by making an online donation or by sending a check. All contributions are tax-deductible.

No other organization has such a track record of consistent mobilization, popular education, grassroots organizing and media outreach. We can do this work and build this movement but only with you and not without you. Please show your support today.

With warm regards,

Brian Becker

National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition

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