Outrageous $20,000 bail for unjust arrest at Gaza demonstration

Waylette showing support for Gaza
Waylette leading LA mass march against the Israeli massare in Gaza

On Aug. 2, at the mass march of thousands in defense of the Palestinian people, a young ANSWER organizer named Waylette was unjustly arrested by police after being brutalized by a counter-demonstrator supporting Israel's massacre in Gaza. She was hit with an outrageous $20,000 bail and trumped-up charges. 

At every LA demonstration in support of Palestinian rights since the U.S.-backed Israeli massacre began, the police have showed extreme bias against pro-Palestine demonstrators and on the side of counter-demonstrators. This day was no different. 

Waylette has not just been joining and helping facilitate every action in defense of the Palestinian people in Los Angeles, but has been an essential and key organizer of the protests. She has spent countless hours in the ANSWER office and in the streets doing the hard work necessary to build these important mobilizations. 

Support is urgently needed to pay back the cost of her outrageous bail and ensure that she beats the charges in court. Please make a donation today by making out a check or money order payable to ANSWER and sending it to our office in Downtown LA: 135 E. 3rd St, Los Angeles CA 90013. You can also drop off a donation in person. Donations to support Waylette are not tax-deductible.    

Please call 323-394-3611 if you have any questions or to arrange making a donation. You can also click here to make a tax-deductible online donation to help our continued organizing in support of Palestine.

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