SPEAK OUT! LA City Council to pass resolution condemning Palestine

Israel has deliberately hit countless civilian targets, killing over 450 children and hundreds more civilians.

Friday, 8:15am, City Hall Main Steps:
Mobilize to Speak-Out at LA City Council Meeting

Saturday, 1PM, Hollywood & Vine:
Protest Media Lies - End the Siege of Gaza Now! 

Speak-out at City Council - Friday, 8:15am, LA City Hall Main Steps (200 N Spring St): 

The Intergovernmental Relations Committee of the Los Angeles City Council is set to meet on Friday August 15 at 9AM to consider an outrageous resolution that condemns the people of Gaza and their resistance to flagrant Israeli war crimes.

Click here to read the proposed City Council resolution

The resolution turns reality on its head by implying  that Israel is the victim when in fact it is the engaged in brutal occupation, mass killing of civilians and scores of war crimes. The resolution makes false claims about the resistance and the use of “human shields”, when the reality is the Israel is targeting every human in Gaza as evidenced by the 450+ children killed. The resolution is an attempt to obscure the truth and does not include a single word about Israel's numerous, well-documented and undeniable war crimes in Gaza.

We will gather at 8:15AM, outside City Hall on the main steps, to let the world know that the people of Gaza are not alone. Join us to speak out, and to attend the City Council meeting and sign-up to make public comments.

Protest the Propaganda - End the Siege of Gaza! Saturday, 1PM, Hollywood & Vine:     

The people of Gaza remain under attack by a brutal war against civilians. In the wake of the weeks-long Israeli massacre, the crushing blockade denies people in Gaza access to basic necessities of life, including medicine, food, clean water and building materials. Under threat of another round of indicriminate military attacks, Israel and the United States aim to keep the people of Gaza under this cruel blockade. 

As public consciousness is shifting worldwide onto the side of the Palestinian people, the mainstream media continues to pump-out U.S./Israeli propaganda that serves to justify and continue these crimes against the Palestinians. 

Join us Saturday at 1PM in Hollywood to march on the CNN Building to say:

  • End the U.S-Israeli massacre in Gaza!    
  • Lift the siege now! Free Palestine!   
  • Stop corporate media lies!   
  • Indict Netanyahu for war crimes at the International Criminal Court!   
  • Money for jobs, housing, and education - NOT genocide and occupation!

Endorsers include: Al-Awda - Right of Return Coalition, Palestinian American Women's Association, Al-Enteshar Newspaper, American Palestinian House, American Palestinian Congress, Committee for Democratic Palestine, Arab-Americans for Syria, National Lawyers Guild, Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition Women Organized to Resist and Defend - WORD, Korean Americans for Peace, AF3IRM, UPWARD, Veterans for Peace, March Forward!, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Campaign LA, American Muslims for Palestine, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and many more! 

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