Palestine will be free! Nationwide protests mark International Day of Solidarity

Palestine will be free! Nationwide protests mark International Day of Solidarity

Photo: Students at UCLA hold a die-in on campus

As the leaders of the Israeli regime were threatening to resume their genocide in Gaza, people took to the streets across the country yesterday for the latest day of action to Shut It Down for Palestine! November 29 marks the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People. All around the world people took part in demonstrations expressing their determination to keep up the fight until Palestine is free -- including here in the heart of empire. The movement's next step will be a day of action on Friday, Dec. 8 to disrupt business as usual.

Protesters hold a vigil for Palestinian martyrs in New York City

Ultimately, the "pause" in Israel's murderous assault on Gaza was extended for just one more day. Yesterday's actions demanded that the pause be turned into a permanent ceasefire! We must not allow Biden and Netanyahu to resume their genocide. And Biden himself was confronted in recent days by Shut It Down protesters in Atlanta and Denver. 

Students protest at Harvard University

The day of action was also a powerful answer to the attempted murder of three Palestinian students in Vermont by a racist gunman. The politicians and media outlets that demonize and slander the Palestinian people day in and day out are complicit in this terrible crime. But they will not stop the movement to free Palestine! Student activists with the Shut It Down movement especially expressed their solidarity with the victims and their determination to keep standing for justice.

Rally held by Shut It Down activists in Providence, Rhode Island

The tide has turned against Israel and the backers of its apartheid regime. Support for a permanent ceasefire is overwhelming. This movement must and will continue for the long haul -- we can end the genocide against Gaza, win the release of all Palestinian prisoners, end the siege on Gaza and end the occupation once and for all!

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