People's Congress delegates from all 50 states

ANSWER is circulating the following message from the People's Congress of Resistance released on June 16

Crowd-Funded Campaign Launched to
Build the People's Congress of Resistance
Can You Help Bring Students and Activists on Fixed Incomes to D.C.?

In the face of the Trump administration’s assault against working-class and poor communities, and the environment, a grassroots People’s Congress of Resistance will convene in Washington, D.C., on September 16-17. Grassroots resisters will be traveling from all 50 states to attend this historic gathering.

Support this crowd-funded campaign today!

So that people of all communities are able to have their voice heard at the People’s Congress, it is imperative that we fundraise now so people of whatever financial means can attend and begin making their plans to come to D.C.

We are organizing caravans, low-income housing and taking every measure possible to cut costs and make the People’s Congress accessible. But we need to raise $20,000 right away to subsidize the buses, caravans and housing so the trip is affordable for all grassroots and working-class resisters.

The People's Congress of Resistance will be the voice of the people – an expression of direct democracy of those who are left out and kept out of the Congress of Millionaires. Together, we will write a people’s platform and will chart a path of nationwide grassroots resistance. It will amplify the voices and spread the tactics of those who are already fighting back to defend their communities.

Grassroots resisters around the country are on a fixed-income and facing devastating cuts to vital social services. Fundraising is an urgent need to help get them to D.C. in September.

The People's Congress of Resistance will bring together grassroots resisters from every part of the country.

Delegates will come from:

  • the now-impoverished and hollowed-out industrial communities of the Midwest
  • immigrant families being ripped apart by ICE raids
  • African American communities that are being devastated by unemployment, poverty, gentrification, and police violence
  • towns of devastated Appalachia where jobs left but millions of opioid pills were simultaneously pumped in by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies
  • educators and parents struggling to improve rather than destroy public education
  • activists fighting to defend the lives and core rights of women
  • environmental and community activists fighting to stop fracking and the corporate destruction of the planet
  • LGBTQ organizers fighting back against bigotry
  • health care workers and advocates who are demanding a Single-Payer national health program
  • the Muslim-American community which is being demonized and targeted by hate crimes and hatred
  • organizers who have been fighting the Military-Industrial Complex as a self-perpetuating monster that incentivizes more and more wars and allows the biggest corporations to loot the national treasury under the pretext of  national security

Working together, we can raise the necessary funds to bring all these people, and others, to D.C. in September. Donate today, organize a party or fundraising event in your community, school, or place of worship. You can help widen the resistance movement to draw together those who otherwise would be isolated unable to participate in this historic event.

We have set up the crowd-funded campaign on CrowdRise, which allows each person to not only donate to this historic protest, but also become a fundraiser for it! You just click "Fundraise for this Campaign" — and then can start sharing your personal fundraising page with your friends on social media and over email. (If you want to set a personal goal for yourself, you can do that under "Edit Fundraiser.")

Every donation in any amount makes a difference, so please: give what you can.

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