Permits secured for Jan. 20 Mass Protest at the Inauguration!

We have succeeded in achieving what Donald Trump has tried to avoid at all costs, which is to create space along the Inauguration Route for people to speak out against his right-wing agenda. 

Please make a donation today to help cover the large costs to put a stage and sound system on the Inaugural Parade Route that will amplify the people's voices against Trump and his right-wing agenda. Your contribution will also help subsidize bus tickets for those who would not otherwise be able to go.

The ANSWER Coaltion has a permit for the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Ave. between 7th and 9th St. NW, beginning at 7:00am on Jan. 20 for a protest that will continue throughout the day. 

The reason the Trump administration wants to thwart protests on the Inaugural Route is that the whole national and international media, as well as people worldwide, will be focused right there on Jan. 20th. That is where we will be and we will not be diverted.

We expect tens of thousands to be in D.C. on Inauguration Day (Friday) to protest against Trump's agenda. We have organized buses and are selling tickets from many cities to be there on that day. There will be large actions continuing throughout the weekend and across the country, showing that there are truly millions of people who are ready to stand up and fight back.

It’s been a long, day-in and day-out struggle to secure a permit to protest along the Inaugural Route, and now we move onto the next urgent phase of our organizing. To set up a stage and sound there on Jan. 20 — directly next to the national and international media — will cost an estimated $20,000. Please make a donation today to help us pay for these costs.

We are also continuing our long legal battle for additional permitted space along Pennsylvania Ave. on Inauguration Day. The National Park Service has stonewalled the issuance of additional permits in an attempt to sanitize the most visible and primary locations along the route from dissent and free speech activity. Additionally, we are continuing to challenge the illegal, unconstitutional system whereby NPS reserves large portions of the route and other parts of D.C. on Inauguration Day, and in the days and weeks prior to and after, on behalf of Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee.

We think it's critically important for the people to not be intimidated, to not be silent and to use all public spaces to express themselves.

Why are we protesting

We are protesting to show Trump and his cabinet, and let the whole world know, that the people of this country will not go backwards, that we oppose this far-right government of billionaire oligarchs and bigots, and we will fight it every step of the way, starting on Day One. We are inaugurating the resistance to the coming attacks on immigrants, Muslims, workers' rights and women's rights. This protest is not a one-day event — it is the beginning of a powerful grassroots movement for profound radical reorganization to put the needs of the people first rather than the corporate elites and military-industrial complex.

We hope to make it clear that huge numbers of people from many different communities will unite to stop the Trump agenda. Against Trump's program of false promises and bigotry, we will put forward an alternative vision based on full rights for all immigrants, fighting racism, for women's right to control their own bodies, and the guaranteed right to health care, housing, education and decent-paying jobs. The Democratic Party leaders are preparing to compromise with or capitulate to Trump — only a movement of the people will stop this far-right Republican government.

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