Poetry from the Lyrical Revolt!

ANSWER organizer Adam C'Debaca (right) sets up the sound for Lyrical Revolt!

"Socialist Anonymous"
By: John Shambo

I’m sick of attending these socialist anonymous meetings
I want to go public
but that propaganda would smack me so hard
hard like 50 years hard labor
that by the time the misinformation got through with me
I’d look like a peasant from Stalin’s Russia
I’m not for Dictators ruling with iron fists
but I’m sick of these corporations with their golden gloves
a left to the chin, a right to the gut
I’m left swollen bruised and cut
as I hand them my money
in exchange for bandages and ice packs
as if the market is going to save us
from all the problems the market has made for us
we look to the troublemakers for discipline
but they are responsible for the mess were in
The only problem with capitalism
is that most of us live lower case
while supporting the bold fold
and our fonts keep shrinking
but When I suggest it is our economic system causing our sinking
I get strange looks
and is sent off to rehabilitate my thinking

I’m sick of attending these socialist anonymous meetings
like the first step is admitting that I have a problem
but it wasn’t me who waged this class war
All I did was point and say “look there it is”
“Don’t you know it is impolite to point
Now get back in line
complete your purchase at the checkout
and everything will be just fine”
We are give plenty to occupy our minds
hypnotized eyes fixed on whatever shines
meanwhile our government has become a free market
supply and demand is no longer just for the economy
we treat these bills like they are comities
Market value for policy is more than I can afford
Fascism is what the invisible hand is pushing towards
even Herbert Hoover, Who hung out with Edison and Ford
reflected on the crash and would insist
“The only problem with capitalism is the capitalist”
I don’t sit on any board of trustees
I’m too busy paying interest and late fees
so sell my share of the American Dream
because this whole economy is a pyramid scheme.
Makes me cringe, I’m on the fringe
as I go on another Marxist reading binge.

I’m sick of attending these socialist anonymous meetings
like “Hello, my name is John
and its been one month since I last talked about class war”
But in that time the gap in wealth has only grown more
is there a connection between record quarterly profits
and records records of poverty?
you see, the only problem with capitalism is
that it just doesn’t work
sure it looks good on paper
paper printed from the treasury
generating massive wealth of the backs of the peasantry
Only I’m forbidden to say so
well, I can say, but somehow unable to be heard
mind control through language control, redefine words
like socialism is slander
and liberty somehow belongs to the right
my head spins when I think this Orwellian double speak type
The frame is drawn around the status quo
applied parameters to the mind
all content is keep under control
and the debate is predefined
I wont even be invited to the table
until I’m a reformed socialist, and a self proclaimed liberal
But I’m a radical,
but they want me silence and remain is Socialist anonymous

I’m sick of attending these socialist anonymous meetings
I’m going public
and I’ll say it loudly, proudly
That I am a Socialist for equality, abolish poverty
and if at first the individuals words sound absurd
I’ll say it again and again
until it is the message that is heard.

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