Poor People's Campaign brings thousands to D.C. to demand: Fight poverty, not the poor!

On June 23, thousands of people traveled to Washington, D.C., from every region of the country to join the Poor People's Campaign mass rally and march, the culmination of 40 days of actions at state capitals and other cities and towns throughout the country demanding justice and dignity for the poor. The ANSWER Coalition mobilized its members and supporters for this important action.

See below for photos and videos from the rally and march.

“An unsettling force:” The Poor People’s Campaign rallies at U.S. Capitol

“This is not a commemoration of what happened 50 years ago,” Reverend William Barber II said before a crowd of 10,000 Saturday on the National Mall in Washington, DC. “This is a reenactment and reinauguration.”

Barber, 54, who is credited with having restarted the Poor People’s Campaign last year, hails from North Carolina and has a lifetime of community activism on the NAACP’s Political Action Committee.

Barber was referring to a sequence of events in the original Poor People’s Campaign that unfolded a half-century ago when a group of 3,000 poor people set up a protest encampment they called “Resurrection City” on the same part of the National Mall where the June 23 rally was held.

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