Rafah invasion deadline: Stay in the streets March 13 to stop the genocide!

The all-out Israeli invasion of Rafah could begin any day. Today marks the deadline set by the genocidal Israeli regime for the beginning of the most brutal phase of its war on Gaza yet. With every passing moment, the need becomes more urgent — take to the streets to demand a ceasefire! On March 13, the Shut It Down for Palestine movement will be holding its next nationwide day of action.

The majority of Gaza’s population has been forced to flee to Rafah, a tiny area half the size of San Francisco that is now home to 1.5 million people. The trapped population has nowhere to flee as the US-supplied Israeli war machine closes in. Today, as Ramadan begins, Israel announced that it was deploying an additional 15,000 soldiers to the West Bank in an attempt to brutally suppress large-scale Palestinian popular resistance.

While a Rafah invasion looms, mass starvation is growing all throughout Gaza. Stunts like Biden’s “floating pier” just aim to sanitize the role of the US government as a full partner in the genocide. The only way to prevent further catastrophic loss of life is an immediate ceasefire and the end of the siege of Gaza.

Take to the streets March 13 to demand an end to Netanyahu and Biden’s genocide and take a stand for a free Palestine! Check the website of the Shut It Down movement for frequent updates and to find an action near you.

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