Report from Ethiopia: The untold story w/ journalists Eugene Puryear & Hermela Aregawi

When: Saturday, December 18, 2021  6:00 PM

In-person: The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018 US | RSVP here

Online streaming of the event will be made available here

Join us on Saturday, December 18th, at 6:00pm EST for a conversation between Eugene Puryear and Hermela Aregawi! This will be a unique opportunity to hear from two journalists who have been providing unique and detailed coverage of the conflict in Ethiopia for the last year. Puryear will have recently returned from a trip to the Horn of Africa with BreakThrough News. Hermela Aregawi, an Ethiopian-American of Tigrayan descent who was formerly of CBS-Los Angeles and Al Jazeera, has been at the forefront of an effort throughout the Ethiopian diaspora to correct the misinformation from the mainstream media about the situation in Tigray. Both journalists will speak on what they believe are the real sources of the conflict and why so many have adopted the false and one-sided presentation of the U.S. government and major media outlets.

For those attending in-person at The People’s Forum, proof of vaccination and one form of identification will be required for entry.

This event is co-sponosred by New Africa Institute and the ANSWER Coalition. 

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