Sacramento Rally for Akai Gurley!

April 09, 2016 at 12:00pm - 3pm

The Justice for Akai Gurley Family Committee and allied groups are calling on anti-racist activists, the Movement for Black Lives and all people of conscience to take part in a National Week of Action, April 1-11. We are asking you to organize events, protests, outreach, street meetings, banner drops, or whatever you can — and on whatever day in that range works best for your city — to show that the whole country is demanding a maximum sentence for former NYPD cop Peter Liang.

Liang is set to be sentenced on April 14 by Judge Danny K. Chun, and if he is able to get off with a light sentence, this will be yet another case of extreme injustice — just a new way of the system saying that Black lives still don’t matter. We cannot sit idly by. Liang was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and official misconduct last month for the November 2014 killing of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn, N.Y. He did the crime, and now he must do the time.

In Sacramento, we will be coming together for a speakout in solidarity with Akai's family and all the other actions happening across the country. JOIN US!

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