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ICE announces "Secure Communities" to be activated in Massachusetts on May 15

On May 8th, ICE officials announced it will be activating the "Secure Communities" program in Massachusetts on May 15th.  The program increases collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE, and has led to a record number of detentions and deportations.

Last year, dozens of organizations and community groups across the state loudly denounced the anti-immigrant program, including at several public hearings organized by the Governor's office.  The massive opposition forced Governor Patrick to reverse his stance and announce he would not sign Massachusetts onto the program.  ICE officials are now unilaterally joining Massachusetts in the program, stating they do not need any state approval.

Take Action Now: Sign the petition against "Secure Communities" 

“We must continue to reject the lie that is 'Secure Communities'. Thousands of hard working immigrants never convicted of a crime have been detained, deported and separated from their families through this program," says ANSWER Boston organizer Jennifer Zaldana.  "No one should be forced to live an underground existence, a life in the shadows - a reality created by anti-immigrant policies like this one.  Only by winning full rights and decriminalizing undocumented workers will we ensure an end to the state-sponsored repression that is unleashed on immigrants for the 'crime' of trying to earn a living.”

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