Second site secured for Jan. 20 Mass Protest at the Inauguration!

28-foot stage and sound system at the Navy Memorial 


ANSWER is proud to announce another important victory for right to assemble and protest at Trump’s Inauguration. In addition to the permitted space we recently announced — 14th St. and Pennsylvania Ave (west part of Freedom Plaza) — we now have permits in hand for an even larger gathering site on the parade route, the Navy Memorial (8th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.) That means we will have TWO protest sites and, with your help, TWO stages on the parade route to amplify the voices of the movement against the Trump Agenda. This message will resonate along the parade route. 

We will set up a 28-foot stage and large sound system at the Navy Memorial. We must raise $20,000 to cover the costs. We know you feel as strongly as we do — can we count on you? Please make an urgent, tax-deductible donation right now. Neither the international media nor Donald Trump himself will be able to avoid the large assembly of thousands of people and powerful sound system rejecting his right-wing program.

The Jan. 20 Mass Protest at Trump’s Inauguration will be broadcast live nationwide by Pacifica Radio, who will also provide live DJs at the Navy Memorial site. They will be joined by leading voices in the movement against Trump, grassroots activists from the communities affected by the Trump Agenda, as well as musicians, spoken word poets, and other performers.

Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day — will not only be remembered as the day that Donald Trump took office. It is also shaping up to be a historic day for the launching of a new era of resistance and mobilization.

After over one year of legal struggle to overcome the stonewalling of the National Park Service and Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee, we have prevailed, with our attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, in opening up space for mass assembly at the presidential inauguration.

Now we have only 11 days left to make the necessary logistical and travel arrangements, to raise the necessary funds, and do the necessary outreach so that tens of thousands of progressive people gather in defiant protest along the Inaugural Parade, both at Freedom Plaza and the Navy Memorial.

You can help by making a donation today — even if you can only give a small amount, it is greatly appreciated and it all helps reach our $20,000 goal.

Also please be sure to share the following message on Facebook and Twitter:

I support the #Jan20 Protest at Trump’s Inauguration! Permits secured for Navy Memorial 7am #InaugurateTheResistance


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