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Show solidarity with the struggle in Wisconsin by downloading and printing these posters, supporting the call for a general strike. Hang them in your window, on your door, in your car or wherever they can be seen.

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Download the "LABOR CAN WIN! IT'S TIME FOR A GENERAL STRIKE!" graphic to use as your Facebook profile photo or post to your blog or website.

But the people of Wisconsin are undeterred. They are fighting back. Right now, thousands of workers and students are pouring onto the steps of the state capitol building.

On Saturday, tens of thousands more will hit the streets in Madison. Unions, community organizations, anti-war activists and others are coming from across the state and nearby states to show their outrage. It is expected to be the biggest outpouring of support for working families yet.

Calls for a general strike are growing. Hundreds of people at the capitol are carrying signs reading, “Labor can win: Time for a general strike.” Progressive filmmaker Michael Moore called on students across the country to walk out in solidarity with Wisconsin.

And Joe Conway, president of the Madison firefighters’ union, voiced support for a general strike. When asked by a reporter what he thought about a general strike, Conway responded: “I’m in total agreement. We should start walking out tomorrow, the next day. … See how long they can last. … This is a nation-wide movement to attack all working men and women in Wisconsin and the United States.”

Download and print these posters. An injury to one is an injury to all!

8.5x11 Poster
11x17 Poster

ANSWER organizers have been helping to organize from the epicenter of this historic labor battle.

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