Shut It Down actions protest stepped-up U.S.-Israeli assault on Gaza

Photo: Thousands of Shut It Down protesters march through Wall Street past the New York Stock Exchange

The Shut It Down For Palestine movement returned to the streets yesterday for another powerful day of action to protest Biden and Netanyahu’s genocide in Gaza. These demonstrations took on even greater importance in light of the resumption of the Israeli war machine’s assault following the end of the temporary “pause”. This grassroots movement is here to stay — we will keep up the fight until Palestine is free! Join the next day of action on Saturday, Dec. 16.

Thousands joined the protest in Los Angeles outside a re-election fundraiser where Joe Biden was speaking

Yesterday’s demonstrations confronted powerful politicians and institutions that help prop up the Israeli regime. Joe Biden himself was confronted by Shut It Down protesters at a demonstration outside a fundraiser in Los Angeles. An action was held in the early morning outside the home of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who personally went to Israel last week to give his blessing to the resumption of the genocide. In Providence, Rhode Island protesters rallied outside the office of Jack Reed, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

Demonstration outside the headquarters of genocide profiteer Textron Systems in Providence, Rhode Island

Thousands of protesters descended on Wall Street to protest Corporate America’s massive investments in Israel that allow it to profit off the massacre and oppression of Palestinians. Protesters marched on the offices of genocide profiteers Boeing in Chicago and Textron in Providence. In Philadelphia, Shut It Down activists held a disruption inside the headquarters of Comcast, which owns NBC News. 

Shut It Down march in Houston, Texas

The Israeli military has greatly expanded the invasion of Gaza, keeping up its murderous assault in the north while sending its soldiers into the south and relentlessly bombing the second-largest city Khan Younis. Israel and the Biden administration are threatening other countries in the Middle East with the prospect of a regional war — Netanyahu just threatened to “turn Beirut into Gaza”. The people’s movement in solidarity with Palestine is meeting this intensified aggression with unbreakable determination to disrupt business as usual!

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