Solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution!

Since Nicolás Maduro's overwhelming re-election May 20, the U.S. government has stepped up its offensive against Venezuela and the country's Bolivarian Revolution that has empowered millions of poor and working people. Activists with the ANSWER Coalition and the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee are doing their part to defeat this new round of aggression from the Trump administration. Below are photos and video from some of the latest activity. 

ANSWER Coalition organizer Walter Smolarek speaks with RT's Anya Parampil about the real situation in Venezuela and the intervention of the United States

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On the day of the election, solidarity rallies were held in San Francisco and Los Angeles, organized by the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee, the ANSWER Coalition and a wide range of other organizations. 

San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California

Video from San Francisco:

Video from Los Angeles:


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