South LA residents speak out: "Why I'm Marching for Trayvon Martin"

*New location* We are calling on all Angelenos to unite against the war on Black and Brown youth, and join a demonstration displaying this unity today (Tuesday), July 16, 6pm at Los Angeles City Hall (West steps). Please see the following messages below from our organizers in South LA on why unity in action is so important.

Within an hour of the outrageous Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict, people of all nationalities were in the streets all over the United States. Tens of thousands of people spontaneously rose up and carried out militant marches that expressed the deep-seated and legitimate anger over the purveyance of racist violence, from both the police, right-wing vigilantes and the support it receives from the courts. 

The daily experience of racist police harassment and violence, along with the bogus "justice" system, connects Black and Brown communities. Outrage against this scourge of systemic racism is felt deeply in Los Angeles by peoples of all nationalities.

Black, Latino, Asian, Native, Arab and white people must unite to defeat racism.

 8669867584_0c9a3fca43.jpg I live down the street from Compton and mere miles away from Willowbrook and on my way home, all the time, I get harassed by the racist police. They occupy our community and terrorize young men like me. I am Trayvon.   Every 28 hours a Black person is killed by a police officer, security guard, or vigilante. This isn't isolated. If we don't fight this system, there will be more Trayvons everyday. All of us, Black, or Brown, who are victims of this terrible racism have to fight together. We need a movement that won't stop fighting until we bury this racist system. It's time to take back our communities and our future!

-Andrew Nance, ANSWER organizer, Compton resident
gisela (2).jpg The injustice in the Trayvon Martin case isn't just a loss for his family but for an entire nation where according to our "justice" system it is okay to murder a young black teen, just because he fit a racial stereotype. We, the people do not accept this verdict, we do not accept this license to kill our sisters and brothers simply for the color of their skin. We are marching and taking over the streets because we all know that the reality is that that it could be us next, that it could be our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our family. We won't stop until we get justice. We are all Trayvon Martin! 

-Gisela Santiago, ANSWER organizer, South Central resident
546024_10150899953119717_2097643057_n.jpg As a resident of South Central Los Angeles, it is important that the black and brown community unite against this racist action. This is a war against all of us, there are so many Trayvon Martins in our community. There is an epidemic of racist police murder against Latino men, men like me in Los Angeles, and I know that we are all Trayvon Martin. From day one they did not want to arrest Zimmerman, but the black and brown community of Florida took action in the streets demanding that Zimmerman be put behind bars & the people's voice won. That's exactly what we are doing tonight. Demanding that Zimmerman be put behind bars & the people's voice will be heard again!

-Abraham Marquez, ANSWER organizer, Inglewood resident
 Peta Lindsay The Florida courts have told us that it is open season on Black men. As a Black woman I think about  what the Zimmerman verdict means for my brothers, my son, my nephews, any Black child in this country and I am devastated.Then I have to ask myself, what I am going to do about it? What am I going to do when this racist system puts a bullseye on the backs of our children? The only thing I can do, get out into the streets and shut that system down. They are refusing us justice, there can be no peace. March with us to defend our children and our community.  

-Peta Lindsay, ANSWER organizer, LA resident

Join us to stand together against the war on Black and Brown youth! ANSWER will be supporting the various actions taking place in response, but encourages everyone to attend these two important mobilizations:

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