Stand against anti-LGBT bias - Drop all charges against Kaitlyn Hunt now!

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Drop all charges against Kaitlyn Hunt now!

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Kaitlyn Hunt is an 18-year-old Florida teenager who could face 15 years in prison if convicted of the absurd charges she is facing.

When Kaitlyn was 17 years old, she began a consensual relationship with a female student at her high school, who at the time was 14 years old. When Kaitlyn turned 18 -- and was still a high school student -- her girlfriend's parents had her arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a child because they opposed their daughter being in a same-sex relationship.

Florida states attorneys are vigorously pursuing the case against Kaitlyn, making it clear that her gender and sexual orientation are the focus of the state's prosecutory zeal. If convicted, she would face up to 15 years in prison, and a lifetime as a convicted felon and registered "sex offender."

On May 24, Kaitlyn declined the terrible "deal" offered to her. It would have required her to plead guilty to felony child abuse, spend two years under house arrest, one year on probation and then register as a "sex offender." Now, Kaitlyn will be going to trial to fight these spurious charges (she appears in court next on June 20).

Kaitlyn's family has appealed to the public for support. Hundreds of thousands of people have now signed an online petition started by her father, who has called for people to contact Florida officials to demand an end to the persecution of his daughter.

You can send a letter to Indian River County State Attorney Bruce Colton, Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman and Florida Governor Rick Scott using our easy online form with just a few clicks. Feel free to use the sample text we've provided, or write your own.

Let the Indian River County Office of the State Attorney and the Governor know that supporters of LGBT and women's rights across the United States will not stand quiet while this unjust prosecution continues.

Send a letter to the prosecuting attorneys and Florida Governor Rick Scott now!

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