Gloria La Riva: Fidel's long life was testament to his determination to struggle

The following statement was released by Gloria La Riva, ANSWER leader and Director of the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee, following the death of Fidel Castro.

HastaSiempreComandante.pngA giant of a man, great revolutionary leader of Cuba and the world, Fidel Castro has died. His long life was testament to his determination to struggle, surviving hundreds of U.S. assassination attempts because they so feared his example.

Fidel fought without letup for his people, for revolution, for socialism. His legacy will endure because he leaves a strong country of true revolutionaries, people who have given of themselves countless times as medical workers, as teachers, as construction workers, as combatants, all for humanity. He leaves people throughout the world who learned by his example, who fight for justice because of Fidel and Cuba’s Revolution.

I know I express the sorrow of so so so many people. I am very saddened by Fidel’s death. Deepest condolences to all the Cuban people. Fidel lives on. And I know my comrades are proud to have always stood by Fidel’s and Raul’s and the Cuban people’s side.

Viva Fidel, Viva la Revolución. Rest in peace comrade Fidel.

Saludos Gloria

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