Boston emergency protest: Stop bombing Libya! Money for jobs and schools, not war!

Stop the U.S./French/British War on Libya
Money for Jobs and Schools, Not War!

March 19, 2011 anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.,
March 19.

Photo: Bill Hackwell 

Emergency demonstration in Boston
This Saturday @ 1pm

Park St. Station (Park & Tremont Sts.)

Red or Green lines to Park St., Orange line to Downtown Crossing

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The ANSWER Coalition has called for nationwide emergency demonstrations in response to the bombing of Libya. How could the U.S. government get away with launching another war when they tell us the country is so broke that vital public services must be slashed and public workers must be fired in massive numbers?

Sign the petition: Stop the war on Libya! Money for jobs and schools, not war!

Boston students who staged a walk-out and protest on Wednesday against the imminent vote to cut the public school budget linked these issues:

"They say there is no money for schools and America just started a new war and is bombing Libya," said 16-year-old Pedro Montanez, a member of El Movimiento and a student at Fenway High School. "All that costs billions of dollars and that should be spent on youth and education."

Sign the petition: Stop the war on Libya! Money for jobs and schools, not war! 

The same global powers that brutally colonized Africa, stole its natural resources and enslaved millions of its people are now bombing the continent’s largest oil producer. This most recent act of mass violence is allegedly motivated by a tender concern for "democracy" and "freedom" for Libyans.

A transfer of command to NATO will not change the criminal character of the military operation OR whose interests it seeks to secure. NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe is—and has always been—a U.S. military officer. A British officer is second in the military structure. NATO's military objectives will be set out by Washington and its European allies.

Washington's goal in Libya is to have the U.S.-backed rebel leadership of Libya's civil war take power in all of Libya or, as an alternative, to become a new governing power in the oil-rich eastern part of the country.

The United States needs a real anti-imperialist movement—a movement that can resist the lies and demonization schemes that the corporate media churns out to justify military aggression. Join us at Park St. this Saturday  at 1pm to say: "Stop the U.S./French/British War on Libya! Money for Jobs, Schools: Not War!"

Sign the petition: Stop the war on Libya! Money for jobs and schools, not war!

For analysis and information on U.S. strategy toward Libya, read the articles below:

After Libya declares ceasefire, U.S. government lays bare its imperialist ambitions

U.S. progressives must tell truth about Libya and impact of foreign intervention

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Your help is urgently needed to help us spread the word about this emergency demonstration. Protests are taking place across the country to demand an end to the bombing campaign against Libya. A transfer of control to NATO will not alter the criminal character of this military aggression. Please take a moment to forward this email and share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.

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