Take Action: Demand Justice for Ramarley Graham!

Every Thursday from 5pm-9pm, the family of Ramarley Graham is organizing a vigil outside their home, where Ramarley was killed by Bronx police officers in early February.

The ANSWER Coalition is calling on its supporters to join these vigils, to stand up against police brutality, and demand that the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson prosecute Officer Richard Haste. The next vigil will be this Thursday, May 17, at 749 E. 229th St (near White Plains Road.) Take the 2 train to 225th St.

Take Action: Send a Letter to D.A. Robert Johnson demanding Richard Haste be prosecuted for murder!


In early February, New York City police officers charged into the home of Ramarley Graham, without a warrant, shooting and killing the unarmed teenager in front of his watching grandmother. Graham’s 6-year-old brother was close by.

The police claim they saw a gun — the line that they always use to get away with murder — but there was none. Officers had followed Graham from outside his home and then barged into his home, guns drawn.

Graham’s family and community members have been rallying in the hundreds for weeks, demanding that his killers be brought to justice. But, as is the case with so many incidents of police brutality and murder, the officers have not been charged.

The NYPD says they are “investigating,” but in reality they are hoping to sweep this case under the rug.
We can’t let that happen. A national movement made Trayvon Martin a household name, and forced the authorities to prosecute his killers. Now we must do the same with Ramarley Graham and all the victims nationwide of police brutality.

Ramarley Graham was a young man, with dreams and aspirations, when his life was stolen. He is remembered by his family as a loving and compassionate soul.

He is gone, but it is up to all of us to make sure he is not forgotten. We need justice!

Take Action: Send a Letter to D.A. Robert Johnson demanding Richard Haste be prosecuted for murder!

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