Take to the streets on May Day!

May 1st is International Workers Day, also known as May Day. Since 1886, it has been celebrated with demonstrations demanding justice and freedom for all oppressed people. In the United States, the tradition of May Day was revived by the immigrant rights movement, which brought millions of people into the streets in 2006 demanding legalization and full rights for all immigrants. Below is a listing of some of the events ANSWER will be participating in:

Albuquerque, N.M.
Gateway Park
Contact ANSWER Albuquerque at 505-268-2488 or [email protected]

Boston Area, Mass.
Chelsea City Hall
Contact ANSWER in Boston at 857-334-5084 or [email protected]

Chicago, Ill.
Chicago Haymarket Memorial (175 N. Desplaines Street)

Contact ANSWER in Chicago at (773) 463-0311 or [email protected]

Los Angeles, Calif.
Cesar Chavez and Broadway

Olympic and Broadway
12:00 noon
Contact ANSWER in LA at 323-394-3611 or [email protected]

New York City, N.Y.
Union Square (14th street and Broadway)
Contact ANSWER in NYC at (212) 694-8720 or [email protected]

Philadelphia, Penn.
15th and Market Streets
Contact ANSWER in Philadelphia at [email protected] or 267-281-3859

Sacramento, Calif.
North Steps of the State Capitol
Contact ANSWER in Sacramento at (916) 572-9680 or [email protected]

San Francisco, Calif.
24th and Mission Streets
Contact ANSWER in San Francisco at (415) 821-6545 or [email protected]

Syracuse, N.Y.
Perserverance Park (Corner of Salina and Washington)
Contact ANSWER in Syracuse at 315-491-6987 or [email protected]

Washington, D.C.
Malcolm X Park (16th St and Euclid St NW)
Contact ANSWER in D.C. at (202) 265-1948 or [email protected]

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