Educators, Advocates Speak Out: 'Why We're Marching on March 19'

On Saturday, March 19, thousands os people will march in the streets of Los Angeles. Some of the people most affected by the U.S. war budget are mobilzing for March 19. Along with students and union members, educators and public advocates will march on Saturday.

We urge you take to the streets on March 19 to demand "Money for people's needs: No wars, no cuts!" Be there: Saturday, March 19, 12 noon, at Hollywood and Vine, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Join the people's movement!

Over $700 million each day goes to fund wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, while California is facing nearly $26 billion in budget cuts. Gov. Jerry Brown is threatening to cut health care, child care, disability care, reproductive and sexual health services, HIV/AIDS funding and so many other vital social programs. Public school teachers are getting "pink slips" and class sizes are going up. This is an outrage. If the wars stopped today, California's massive budget shortfall would disappear in just one month!

All the money going to fund the Pentagon's wars of aggression abroad should instead be used at home on the federal, state and local levels to fund education, good jobs and social services for working and poor people. In a very real way, the war abroad is also a war on people at home, right here in the United States.

Educators and advocates speak out

Mark, public high school teacher, UTLA union member, pink-slipped three years in a row

I’m marching against the wars because we are losing thousands of teachers to budget cuts, but the government can spend billions to fund war.

This is my third year being pink-slipped by LAUSD and I am tired of the government telling me that there's "no money" for education while the U.S. continues to spend taxpayer money occupying other countries!



Yohana, early childhood educator

I work with young children from the very communities who count on the the funding that is on the chopping block right now.

I'm marching on March 19 to stop the wars because our kids deserve social services and a quality education. Threatening them with cuts should be considered a criminal act. We need more money for poor and working people, not for wars that kill innocent children and families in Afghanistan and Iraq.


David, teacher at public middle school, UTLA union member

Being a public school teacher, I'm proud to march against the wars. It makes no sense that the Pentagon gets nearly one trillion a year for war and occupation, but thousands of teachers are being laid off and furloughed in Los Angeles alone.

The wars on Iraq and Afghansitan represent a war on working people here at home. The trillions of  dollars that go to bailing out banks and waging imperialist war should be spent here at home to provide all people with education, health care, and housing. The war on public education and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the same thing. We must build a people's movement so we can fight back.


Ena, women's reproductive health advocate 

As a reproductive health rights advocate, I am marching because hundreds of billions of dollars are spent occupying the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, while vital health care services are being cut right here at home.

Women and all people deserve quality services and good lives. Stopping the wars and, instead, funding people's real needs is so necessary right now.

Join me on the streets on March 19! 



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