URGENT Take Action: Stop U.S. Funding of the Mubarak Dictatorship

March on the White House
Saturday, Feb. 5

Gather at 12noon
at the Egyptian Embassy
3521 International Court NW
(off Van Ness btw Connecticut and Reno)
For information: 202-265-1948

Click here for other demonstrations
taking place across the country

Egyptian protesters fight police, 02-02-11
Egyptian protesters are holding their ground
despite brutal police repression.

The Egyptian people rising up for liberation are being brutally attacked by thugs and police sent by the U.S.-funded Mubarak regime. Messages are coming from protestors under siege in Tahrir Square in Cairo calling on the people of the United States to tell the Obama Administration to end support for Mubarak NOW!

Please take action right now! It will only take seconds to send your message. Thousands are sending emails to the White House and Congress - please join them in immediate action now.

It is an outrage that the U.S. government continues to send millions of dollars every day to prop up the Mubarak dictatorship. This regime has been dependent on U.S. aid for the past three decades.

Click this link and join the thousands who are sending a letter today to President Obama and to Congress demanding “Stop all Aid to the Mubarak Dictatorship.” A sample letter is provided for you—it takes only a few seconds.

The people of Egypt are rising up against repression, poverty and dictatorship. We must stand with the people of Egypt and demand not one more penny to the regime.

The U.S. gives $2 billion per year to prop up the Mubarak dictatorship. Egypt is second only to Israel as the largest recipient of U.S. “foreign aid.” That “assistance” has been used to buy the tear gas and other weapons and equipment that are killing Egyptian people attempting to exercise their right to protest and speak out. With this “aid,” Mubarak has enforced one side of the murderous siege that is killing the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Button: End all U.S. aid to the Mubarak dictatorship

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