Ten quick facts about Military Sexual Trauma

From the website of March Forward!

1. Nearly 2/3 of women GWOT [global war on terrorism] veterans report having been sexually harassed

2. 1/3 of female GWOT veterans report having been sexually assaulted

3. 47 percent of women who did not report an assault identified “fear of retaliation and reprisal” as the reason for not reporting

4. 62 percent of victims who reported sexual assault indicated they experienced professional, social or administrative retaliation

5. 43 percent of victims had heard of the negative experiences of other victims who had reported assault

6. 74 percent of women who reported their abuse were forced to overcome at least one or more barriers in the reporting process

7. 0.9 percent of reported claims ended with conviction

8. As many as 22,000 cases of sexual assault in 2012 went unreported

9. There was a 35 percent increase in women sexual assault victims from 2011-2012

10. Currently, officers and high-ranking commanders are the sole deciders of which cases of assault to prosecute in their units

*Note: This fact sheet does not include statistics for men in uniform, who are estimated to account for 53 percent of military sexual assaults (due of the dramatically higher number of men in the military). It is estimated that only 13 percent of men in the military report their sexual assaults. At least 13,900 men were sexually assaulted in uniform in 2012.

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