The anti-war movement needs you!

Dear Supporter,

I am writing to make an urgent appeal to make an online tax-deductible donation to the work of the ANSWER Coalition.

If you prefer to send a check you can do so by making it payable to Progress Unity Fund/ANSWER and mail to 617 Florida Ave., NW, Lower Level, Washington D.C. 20001.

If you make an online donation or send a check you can use the donation as a deduction for your 2013 tax payments.

It is critical that a strong anti-war movement be sustained inside of the United States.

It is critical that the people of the world know that we, people living inside the United States, have a different voice and a different view than the war makers who always speak in our name.

Grassroots activism and opposition is powerful. Hope comes from the courageous actions of those who defy power and empire.

During the recent Syria crisis we mobilized scores of streets demonstrations all around the country, helped send tens of thousands of letters to Congress and received widespread media attention to the vast opposition to another war.

This is crucial work, carried out consistently by the ANSWER Coalition for the past 12 years.

We can keep all this work going with you but not without you. Please make your contribution now.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Eugene Puryear, for the ANSWER Coalition

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