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Longest Walk 5 is a search and rescue party. Its goal is to bring healing to America.

Many health issues facing Native Americans connect with the after-effects of historical trauma. Countless other Americans also suffer the effects of trauma -- and we all feel the effects of the damage inflicted on our Earth.

The Longest Walk 5 is a kind of search party, part of a rescue mission to heal America from the effects of drugs, violence, suicide, self-harm, and harm to the Earth.

The Longest Walk 5 Community Team understands the challenge ahead.

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Thank you to all who have hosted the Walk during the journey across the United States. Here is the Walk schedule.

  • June 1 - 2, Montgomery, MS
  • June 3 - 5, Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe - Whigham, GA
  • June 6 - 9, Seminole Indian Tribe - Hollywood, FL
  • June 10 – 18, Macon, GA
  • June 19 - June 25, South Carolina
  • June 25 - July 2, North Carolina
  • July 2 - July 8, Virginia
  • July 15 - Washington DC

Save the Date - Longest Walk 5 Rally and Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial July 15, 2016. Plan to join us for the historic End of Walk "Welcome Home" Celebration and Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Message from Dennis Banks
National Field Director, American Indian Movement
August 20, 2015

Because of the extremely high rate of suicides, and other drug related deaths I am issuing a state of war declaration between the American Indian Movement and Drugs across America. The deaths are at a pandemic stage!

Today, I announce a walk across America to be held February 13, 2016 through July 15, 2016 from California to Washington DC. We will call attention to and seek guidance on drug related issues that are causing devastation on Indian Reservations and communities in the United States.

Along the 3600 mile journey we will work with the communities to collect information on ways to heal our people and the Earth.

We will host forums to see how communities are addressing one of the most difficult issues facing people and the Earth today. We will gather information about solutions from community leaders, law enforcement, clergy and drug program directors. College students will interview community members, students, parents, spiritual leaders, counselors and tribal officers in an attempt to get the bigger picture of the issues.

The information will be used to help determine what we must do to win the war against drugs. This effort will help prepare a new generation of Native American leaders and community leaders to fight the war against drugs.

The issues facing our people and the issues facing our Earth are connected. They both arise from the kind of thinking that does not value people or the Earth. Native American traditions oppose this sort of thinking. We say all life is sacred, and we speak as the conscience of our Earth.

We will lead by example, expressing our native spirituality and reverence for all life as we journey across the United States.

We will travel any distance to discover these solutions!


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