URGENT APPEAL: Los Angeles ANSWER office ransacked

The door to the LA office following the overnight break-in.

Dear friend,

On Monday, the ANSWER Coalition was highlighted in the mass media for our role in the protests in response to the outrageous police attack in Anaheim. ANSWER placards, banner and organizers were seen prominently online and on television, and many of our members were interviewed by mainstream media outlets.

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That night, the ANSWER office in Los Angeles was broken into, ransacked and robbed. All of our computers were stolen, in addition to all of our sound equipment and many of our bullhorns—the things essential to organizing and conducting protest actions.  All other offices in the building were untouched, except one that had little-to-nothing stolen.

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At this point, we cannot say with certainty the nature of this attack—but we believe the events leading up to it are noteworthy. After being in the national spotlight the ANSWER Coalition office was deluged with racist hate calls supporting the Anaheim police, who killed two unarmed men in 24 hours and inflicted so much brutality against the community. At the same time, right-wing websites began an internet-based attack campaign against the ANSWER Coalition labeling us “outside agitators.” Hours later the office was broken into and ransacked.

And we know that the United States—and southern California in particular—has a long history of police attacks on the offices progressive and revolutionary organizations, with the intent of disrupting or sabotaging their organizing efforts during key political crises.

Despite this attack, we are not deterred. We still managed to mobilize for the mass action at the Anaheim City Council meeting, and will be marching in Downey this Saturday against the police murder of Mike Nida.

However, our operations have been severely disrupted. It is the end of the month, meaning rent and other bills are due, on top of replacing the essential equipment that was taken.

We are asking for your help to recoup some of our losses so we can continue mobilizing actions against police brutality, the wars, budget cuts, and building a movement for justice and equality. Please click here to make an urgently needed donation.

Your solidarity and support through this attack is critical to continuing our work, and is very much appreciated.

In struggle,

Mike Prysner & Peta Lindsay

Coordinators, ANSWER LA

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