Urgent help needed to mobilize against war on Syria

Dear friend,

The Obama administration is furiously rushing to war. The people's movement is mobilizing at an equally intense pace to stop it.

Will you help us right now?

The UK government was already forced to back down. We must do all we can right now. Will you help?

The ANSWER Coalition and hundreds of organizers and volunteers are working round-the-clock mobilizing protests, rallies, and demonstrations in cities throughout the country against another looming war in the Middle East.

ANSWER organizers sprang into action and have been working without pause to mobilize public opinion and pressure to stop the next U.S. bombing war before it starts.

We are getting the word out to inform public opinion with widespread media coverage including significant coverage on CNN, the New York Times front page, Yahoo News front page, and hundreds of local TV stations and newspapers.

Please help right now. It will make a difference.

We are also providing up-to-date daily analysis of the war plans, contradictions facing the Obama Administration as it rushes to war, the political situation in the U.K.  and the regional impact of a new war in the Middle East.

Since its formation three days after the September 11, 2001 attacks the ANSWER Coalition has been a consistent force organizing and mobilizing and providing a clear political presentation and analysis for the public and political activists.

I am writing because we urgently need financial support to cover the expenses associated with all of this work. A donation to ANSWER is tax deductible for those who want to take advantage of this feature.

All of this work includes great expenses. Many, many people rely and participate in ANSWER’s organizing work but not everyone makes a donation. We can only carry out this work with the financial support of those individuals who believe in this work and are willing to show their support with a generous contribution.

I urge you to take a minute and make your contribution today. We are building the anti-war opposition but we can do it with you and not without you.


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Brian Becker
National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition


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