Veterans take action for Bradley Manning

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Iraq war veterans in March Forward! drop a giant banner in Los Angeles.

On Dec. 16 and 17, March Forward! and ANSWER Coalition members took action across the country to defend accused whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning. The Bradley Manning Support Network organized and helped coordinate actions nationwide.

On Dec. 16, the first day of Manning’s pre-trial hearing, Iraq war veterans led a March Forward! banner drop reading “Free Bradley Manning! Jail the real war criminals: the generals and politicians,” held over a packed Los Angeles freeway during rush hour traffic, where for hours thousands of cars passed by honking their horns. They also took part in a march and candlelight vigil on Dec. 17.

In Washington, D.C., members joined hundreds to march on Fort Meade, taking over the street, in defense of Manning. March Forward! Co-founder and an anonymous active-duty Air Force Master Sergeant, said “we’re here today because the people responsible for telling us lies that led to so many troops and civilians killed are making millions going on book tours, while the only person who has told us the truth about the wars is being held here behind bars.”

It is an undeniable fact that the politicians and generals lied about the pretext for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have lied throughout the duration of the wars. They have hidden the reality of mass civilian casualties and atrocities, the hopelessness of their military adventures, and the acknowledgment that they are sending us to die in a war they know they cannot win. Telling us these blatant lies, throwing our lives and tax dollars in the process, is a crime. The orders to launch wars of aggression against sovereign nations amount to war crimes. Yet they sit comfortably in plush offices, while our brothers and sisters in the military and abroad are endlessly killed and maimed.

Bradley Manning, if he did indeed leak those documents, was telling us the only truth we’ve heard about the wars in a sea of lies. He put his life on the line to expose the lies that are causing mass suffering around the world. He is a hero for taking this stand. The ones who really deserve to be behind bars are those who intentionally lied, and continue to lie, to keep us, our friends, family and neighbors in harm’s way for the interests of Wall Street.

This government of, by and for the 1% will continue on its current course unless the people—especially those within the U.S. military—organize and fight together against it. March Forward! Is committed to standing for Bradley Manning and continuing to build this movement of veterans and active-duty troops against the wars.

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