Video: Iraqis outraged by lawsuit giving $400 million to U.S. citizens


ANSWER's National Coordinator Brian Becker was interviewed on Russia Today about the Iraqi government's decision to pay $400 million to U.S. citizens who say they were tortured or traumatized by Saddam Hussein’s regime. As reported by Russia Today, the deal "comes as a shock to the millions of Iraqis who are still suffering from the US-led campaign – especially since many have received nothing for their suffering."

Brian Becker from the ANSWER coalition says the payout reflects the “colonial” nature of the treatment that Iraq has been subjected to.

There has been an ongoing looting of Iraq, and it just shows the servile character of the Iraqi government,” Becker said.

One out of every four Iraqis has suffered directly because of the war and there is no compensation coming to them,” Becker added. “The American government created these oceans of human misery and they have an obligation, an accountability… they in fact owe reparations to all the Iraqi people for this war of aggression.”

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