2 years of Trump: Take to the streets Jan. 19-21 to protest racism, war and bigotry, and to save the planet!

People across the country will be taking to the streets in huge numbers the weekend of January 19-21 to fight for justice and oppose racism. ANSWER Coalition chapters across the country are mobilizing to be part of Women's March actions and activities honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. ANSWER Chicago initiated the following important action to protest the anti-worker, bigoted policies of Donald Trump and his administration on the second anniversary of his inauguration.

Chicago, Illinois
Saturday, January 19 at 12:00 p.m.
Trump International Hotel & Tower (401 N Wabash Avenue)
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chicago_inaug_aniv.jpgOn the anniversary of white supremacist Trump's inauguration, we will take to the streets again to shut down racism, war and bigotry, and save the planet. Join us. We must and will keep marching and fighting and building the people's movement for the real and lasting changes that are so badly needed!

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Multiple looming crises are confronting the human race and we must and will take collective action.

  • We have 12 years to save the planet.
  • We must resist the divide and conquer strategies of the rulers of this country and build solidarity with the refugees who are bearing the brunt of these increasingly reactionary times.
  • The U.S. foreign policy elite -- in a thoroughly bipartisan way -- is aggressively leading us toward confrontations with major nuclear powers. We must resist the U.S. war machine. We must resist the McCarthyite tactics they are using to get us to hate and join the attacks against Russia and China.
  • Naked white supremacy and fascism are again emerging in the centers of power from Brazil to the United States to Europe and beyond. We must continue to resist racist policing.
  • Austerity has wrecked the working class and oppressed communities all across the country.
  • Abortion rights must be defended and so much more.

The people must and will reemerge as an unstoppable force in society to shut down racism, war & bigotry. Bring your signs, banner and voices of protest!

Gather at Wacker and Wabash at 12 noon. March to La Salle St (Chicago's Wall Street)

Partners/endorsers (List in formation): Black Lives Matter - Women of Faith, ANSWER Chicago, People United Against Oppression (A Muslim-led Social Justice Org), Community Organizer Kofi Ademola, ANAKBAYAN, GABRIELA, Gay Liberation Network, Chicago Chapter of Veterans for Peace, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Illinois Green Party, Pastor Gregg Greer, Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Refuse Fascism Chicago, Democratic Socialists of DePauw

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