Breaking News: Navy Memorial will now be the site of largest protest on the Inaugural Parade Route


The Jan. 20 Mass Protest along the Presidential Inaugural Route will be a powerful rejection of the Trump Agenda on Day One of his administration. Permits have been secured by the ANSWER Coalition for the large Navy Memorial site on Pennsylvania Ave. NW from 7th St. to 9th St. A 28-foot stage and a huge sound system will be set up there so that Trump, his big donors, the international media and indeed the whole world will see our presence.

The stage, sound, and setup cost about $20,000. We just had to buy an insurance policy, and we’ve spent thousands on signs, literature and buses. Costs are piling up, but they are necessary for the success of this historic mobilization. Please make a urgently needed donation today. All donations can be tax-deductible.

This will be a protest unlike any other, and the Navy Memorial site will be the largest of all the protests on Jan. 20. The Navy Memorial stage will feature leaders from every grassroots movement — immigrant rights, labor, environmental justice, women’s rights, Movement for Black Lives, LGBTQ equality, anti-war and others — as well as progressive leaders from the whole spectrum of faith communities. Artists, musicians and DJs will be performing throughout the day to keep our energy high and the spirit of resistance alive.

This diverse group will unite together to send a powerful message of opposition to the extremist Trump Agenda, which includes attacks on Muslim and immigrant communities, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and the wholesale the privatization of the public sector, among other pro-Wall Street extremist plans that constitute the core of the Trump Agenda.

Previously, we had emphasized our protest site at Freedom Plaza but now we are directing people to go to the newly secured area at Navy Memorial. While permits remain for Freedom Plaza, the Navy Memorial will see a much larger gathering of protesters and a much larger stage.

The Navy Memorial program will be broadcast live by Pacifica Radio, which is also providing speakers and music throughout the day.

You do not want to miss this historic protest. To make it to the Navy Memorial (Pennsylvania Ave. between 7th and 9th Street), it is essential that you arrive early, right when the security checkpoints open. We are  recommending that you arrive no later than 7am at the closest checkpoint of 7th St and D St. NW. Please give yourself ample time to deal with street closures and mass transit delays.

Please make a urgently needed donation today to support the Mass Protest and Inaugurate the Resistance..

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