CT Protest Against the Bombing of Syria!

April 08, 2017 at 4:00pm - 6pm

The Trump regime has just started bombing Syria. We must not fall for the lies and propaganda. Trump's war is not about democracy or humanitarian intervention. Trump's war is about U.S. superiority and domination. Just like the rest of his agenda, his attack is about increasing the profits of the billionaires.

For 16 years the U.S. has destroyed the Middle East, leading to the greatest refugee crisis in history and the rise of ISIS. More bombs is not the answer. Trump bombing Syria is a great danger to the people of the world. We must come together and resist!

Email [email protected] if you or your organization would like to help/endorse with this protest.

Phil Nista Daniel Carmody Seth Adam Luis G. Luna Mark Lamoureux Giulia Gambale Gouge Barbara Fair Tom Ficklin Sheraz Bhutta Mike Pins Kymberli Carcaramo Brenna von Dwingelo Cee Jay Ozais Di Campanetti Pa Houa Naomi Sussman Marlanda H. Tracy Henzel Grant Laster Nicole Bongiovanni Brechin Knapp Cate Saxton Jasmine Verret Kenneth Reveiz Edgar Aracena Salwa Mogaddedi Madeleine Leveille Briana Williams Vechel Jaynes Akapel Cornelius Aaron Totten Natalie OSborne Allan Brison Timiebi Souza-Okpofabri Maria Arizona Jaala Roundtree Laila Sticpewich Sillay Silaa Diana Hede Juliana Fann Nazim Muhammad Jason Edwards Emilie Egger Kimberly Gill Chris Garaffa Madi Bre JoAnne Bauer Bern DeLuca

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