Sign on: Cancel Trump's War Parade!

There are 500,000 people who are homeless in the United States, including over 40,000 veterans. 6.5 million children are food insecure. The proposed federal budget includes major reductions to public housing. Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas are still suffering from last year’s hurricanes. Medicaid cuts are slated to eliminate coverage for working-class and poor families in states around the country.

With so many crying social needs, Trump and the Pentagon are spending our tax dollars for a massive parade on Veteran’s Day that will bring tanks and potentially nuclear weapons down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the White House and Trump Tower. The parade is part of Trump’s aggressive foreign policy, which includes war preparations and reckless provocations against Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. How many more must die to satisfy the insecurity of a declining Empire and one man’s wounded ego?

The parade itself will cost $30 million — an expensive, decadent celebration to a massive military machine that already drains $700 billion from the federal budget — 10 times Russia's budget, far more than China's and more than the next 10 countries combined. Just $20 billion could effectively end homelessness.

The people of the country and the world say NO this costly and provocative war parade. The centennial of World War I, the most deadly and pointless war in human history, should not be commemorated with such a spectacle for militarism.

Join tens of thousands and who are demanding the cancellation of the parade. We want food, healthcare housing, and peace — not war!

If you're going to bring people from your school or community, let us know by signing on!

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