Photos: Protesters take to the streets in Iwakuni, Japan against U.S. military base

Photos from Nov. 25-26, 2017


By Yoshio Nakamura, Asia-Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan

Asia-Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan held its annual anti-base action in Iwakuni, which is located in western part of Japan near Hiroshima. Workers and people from different areas gathered there to show their clear opposition to the massive consolidation of the base and their solidarity with the persistent struggle carried out by the people of Iwakuni’s.

The U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni is one of the largest U.S. bases in East Asia. For U.S. imperialism, the importance of the base is increasing due to recent rising tensions over the Korean Peninsula. It is the nearest U.S. Marine base to Korea.

Recently, U.S. forces completed the deployment of 16 F-35 stealth fighters to the Iwakuni base despite local people's opposition. In addition to this, they plan to deploy 61 fighters there by next May by transferring them from another U.S. base in Japan.

People in Iwakuni are resisting the massive consolidation plan since the U.S. and Japanese governments agreed to it in 2006. AWC-Japan has held the annual anti-base action in Iwakuni since 2006. People from labor unions, concerned citizen groups and youth came together to protest the base. Anti-base activists in different areas also join the demonstration in solidarity with the people of Iwakuni. 

  • No to the consolidation of the U.S. Iwakuni base!
  • Resist the U.S.-Japan military alliance!
  • No new Korean War!
  • U.S. troops out of Iwakuni and everywhere in the region!

Click here to read a solidarity statement from the ANSWER Coalition read at this demonstration as well as background information on this struggle.

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