Support for Maile Hampton grows

Maile Hampton (front, center) and supporters

Before entering the courtroom, more than 40 activists and community members from the Sacramento area and beyond packed the halls of the second floor of the Sacramento Superior Court early on Thursday, April 9 – all to support ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton who is being charged with allegedly committing felony “lynching” at an anti-police brutality rally earlier this year.

At the request of Maile’s attorney, Linda Parisi, the case was continued to April 30.

It is clear that the Sacramento Police Department is attempting to shut down the activities of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Sacramento just as other police forces across the country have tried to do. Some activists, such as Maile, who oppose police violence are being slammed with outrageous and inappropriate charges in a plot to keep them out of the movement and to make an example of them. It is an outrageous insult for the SPD to accuse a young, queer, Black woman of lynching and the world is taking notice – Maile’s case has gathered support across the country and internationally and the message from the people is to DROP THE CHARGES!

Even at 8:30 a.m. on a weekday morning the community prioritized showing solidarity with Maile. One supporter had worked a graveyard shift, dropped her daughter off at school, and immediately drove to the courthouse, many others left for work and school right after the proceedings.

The courtroom doors opened and the crowd filed in, filling every empty seat. There were others already seated inside for other cases on the docket and as Maile and her supporters filed in they took notice of the crowd. The show of solidarity definitely made an impact on the judge and prosecutor. Even in a space where we couldn’t hold banners or recite chants we spoke with our presence and the message got across loud and clear!

The fight to #FreeMaile is growing and it is extremely important that we stay focused and motivated! An injury to one is an injury to all and we will not stand idly by while the Sacramento police attempt to unnecessarily incarcerate another young, Black woman and brand her as a felon at only twenty years old. Here’s how to get involved:

1) Sign and share the petitiondemanding that the Sacramento County District Attorney drop all charges against Maile Hampton now.

2) Contact the Sacramento County District Attorney and demand that the charges be dropped. Email [email protected] and in your email CC both [email protected] and [email protected].

3) Maile’s next court appearance will be on April 30th at 8:30am. Join us at the Sacramento County Courthouse, 720-9th St., 2nd Flr., Dept. 8 to show your support

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